Mushroom tourism - quiet hunting!

This site was exclusively made for those who want to try to pick mushrooms, maybe even for the first time in their lives! It will be all about noble mushrooms only, like porcini and ceps.

Estonia - mushroom tourism

Estonia is an environmentally friendly country with lots of forests. We provide a unique opportunity to find mushrooms along with getting certain information from an experienced guide and enjoy a walk through beautiful forest trails. Also, everyone will be given the opportunity to further mushroom`s preparation (canning).

A bit of history. I was born in Pärnu and from my very childhood I`m familiar with forest and mushroom picking. Skills came over with years, but something passed through generations from experienced mushroom pickers as well. There are many books, articles and stories have been written about it. And I’m ready to share some of the skills learned from life practice itself. Specifically picking and canning mushrooms I`ve been doing for over 20 years already.

This page is made exclusively for those who would like to try to pick mushrooms, but do not know which ones to pick and where to look for them. And also for those who are afraid of going to the forest for some reason. With our services, all these difficulties will disappear. We will pick you up, bring you to the place and will tell and demonstrate everything. Then there will be an opportunity to cook (to can) picked mushrooms and return home with the self-made "souvenirs". All necessary instructions before going to the forest will be sent to your email. You just simply need to write a letter to the email:

The most basic.



Since mushroom picking depends entirely on the favorable season, you must contact ( in advance (mid-August) and you will receive the necessary information.

Good luck and good season to all !!